DOST upgrades IP school bamboo crafts through GRIND program

DOST upgrades IP school bamboo crafts through GRIND program

DOST XI as the program lead represented by Engr. Howell (right most) personally delivered the crafting tools to the students of Luyungan IP High School on June 16, 2023 at Bancud, Malaybalay City.

With the goal of empowering indigenous culture, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in region 10 upgrades Luyungan IP High School’s bamboo crafts through the Grassroots Innovation for Inclusive Development Program.

The GRIND program is a pioneering initiative of DOST Region XI in partnership with the United Nations Development Program in the Philippines and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP). Through this program, DOST-X aims to empower marginalized communities and build their resilience by developing and deploying grassroots innovations in Davao Region and, ultimately, countrywide.

Its main objective is to Identify and assess GIs that address significant problems in the communities among all regions. It also aims to provide a package of S&T interventions among grassroots innovators and communities responsive to the location-specific needs of the regions.

DOST-X has turned over  an array of tools and equipment during the turnover on June 16, 2023 at the school’s premises in Brgy. Bangcud, Malaybalay City. It was attended by DOST representatives, school administrators, teachers, and IP students. The event marked a significant milestone in the development of the school’s bamboo crafts program and opened doors to new opportunities for the local community.

Among the tools and equipment provided were mini portable electric drill grinders, stainless steel wood carving knives, wood chisels, hammers, gravity-type spray guns, sanders, circular saws, industrial plastic toolboxes, handsaws, wood carving sets, and Mapp gas torches. These resources will enable students and teachers alike to delve deeper into the world of bamboo craftsmanship and produce intricate and high-quality products.

“We are delighted to support Luyungan IP High School in their pursuit of excellence in bamboo crafts,” DOST Bukidnon Provincial Director Ritchie Mae L. Guno said.

Luyungan IP High School is renowned for its commitment to preserving indigenous culture and promoting eco-friendly practices. Recognizing the school’s dedication to nurturing talent and promoting local traditions, DOST upgrades them with a collection of tools specifically tailored to their bamboo crafts.

Engr. Howell Adrian A. Ong, Unit Head from the GRIND lead region, DOST-XI, said that the tools will not only enhance the quality of craftsmanship but also foster innovation and encourage the students to explore new avenues in bamboo utilization.

Dr. Romil T. Jabonero, Public Schools District Supervisor expressed his gratitude to DOST Bukidnon and DOST-XI for their unwavering support seeing it as a game-changer for them in continuously empowering students to develop their talents, create livelihood opportunities, and preserve their indigenous traditions.

Students have also shown eagerness to explore their artistic potential. The bamboo crafts program at Luyungan IP High School is expected to flourish with the newly acquired resources, enabling students to create a wide range of bamboo-based products such as furniture, decorative items, and handicrafts. The aim is not only to hone their skills but also to instill a sense of pride in their cultural heritage and contribute to the sustainable development of their community. (Rashia Mae Deva Paano/DOST 10)