Bukidnon Pineapple Jam Producer Earns FDA Certification with DOST Consultancy

Bukidnon Pineapple Jam Producer Earns FDA Certification with DOST Consultancy

Mama Nene Homemade Delights locally known as Paula’s Bukidnon Delight earns its Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) for its Pineapple Jam, through the consultancy and training services of the Department of Science and Technology. 

The Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) is a requirement of the Food and Drug Administration for food products (beverages, water, canned goods, etc.), food supplements, medicines, and others if such products will be exported. It is also a requirement of institutional buyers such as malls and supermarkets. With the newly acquired CPR, this woman-led enterprise can now expand its market reach and offer its delicious and high-quality pineapple jam throughout the country through various malls, pasalubong centers, and others.

Owner Ms. Paula Chiong showcasing her pineapple jam and other products available at their café in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Ms. Paula Chiong, the owner, considers this achievement a significant milestone since pineapple jam is the very first product of the business. “I thought na imposible para sa isa ka micro na negosyante na maka kuha og FDA LTO and CPR but with the help and guide of DOST napa sayon and napa dali and I have proven na walay impossible basta naay pasencya, pag kugi, perseverance and determination. Karon challenges nasad ang atubangon which is to conquer the Philippine market”. She relayed how DOST has assisted her firm to acquire FDA License to Operate, and now her CPR. She also said that with this new milestone, she is ready to face a new challenge: conquering the Philippine market. 

The firm first acquired the SETUP program. Aside from the technology upgrading they have acquired, they are also a licensee of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI)’s Enhanced Nutribun Technology. The firm is also a beneficiary of the Manufacturing Productivity Extension (MPEX) Program through the consultancy services of DOST. These programs have helped the company improve its plant layout, food safety, and halal training, which can help boost the firm’s competitiveness and productivity. The firm was also assisted in its laboratory analysis through the DOST 10 Regional Standards and Testing Laboratories.

Ms. Paula is currently producing 1,000 kilograms of pineapple jam every month – an increase of 66% after DOST intervention and has produced seven additional products such as Pineapple muffin, pineapple ensaymada, Paula’s Mango  Jam, Paula’s Langka, Paula’s vinegar, Paula’s vinaigrette and Paula’s Chili Sauce.

Paula’s Bukidnon Delights products are now becoming among the most sought-after pasalubong products from the province. The firm also caters walk-in visitors of their newly opened café at the Kaamulan Ground, Capitol Compound, Malaybalay City –where their enutribun facility is also at. (Goldy Cordero/DOST 10)