OneDOST4U: DOST R02 to strengthen smart and sustainable initiatives in Cagayan Valley

OneDOST4U: DOST R02 to strengthen smart and sustainable initiatives in Cagayan Valley

Over the years, we have seen how essential the contribution of Science Technology and Innovation (STI) is in the development of our Country. The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Region 02 has displayed firmly its accomplishments in STI, achieved excellence in the S&T ecosystem and echoed the spirit of Resilience in the entire Cagayan Valley.

The agency’s competency has shown in many aspects of government service. Moreover, the leadership and management of DOST R02 have formed the backbone of various improvements and strategies. This includes leadership in providing a unity of purpose, while also establishing the direction of the organization through its programs, projects and activities (PPAs).

Now, with our new battle cry, One DOST4U, DOST R02 will continue to advocate the utilization and transfer of available technologies from the research and development institutions down to the local government units, communities and industries.

DOST R02 will never stop from recognizing resilient MSMEs for continuously embracing the importance of unleashing creativity through Innovations and having the ability to respond rapidly and effectively in any circumstances.

Furthermore, DOST R02 with its mandate, will continue to provide central direction, leadership and coordination of scientific and technological efforts in building smarter cities and communities in the country.

This proved that DOST R02 is the leading STI hub in Cagayan Valley and Beyond. As we move forward to the next level of our S&T Landscape, DOST R02 will find and encounter even more enormous ideas that can help characterize the massive use of emerging technologies. This may sound overwhelming, but in DOST R02, everything is possible. (DOST 2)