PBBM names Domingo Panganiban as new DA Secretary

PBBM names Domingo Panganiban as new DA Secretary

President Marcos has appointed and sworn in Domingo Panganiban to his former post as Secretary of the Department of Agriculture.

Panganiban served as DA Secretary during the terms of former Presidents Joseph Estrada and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. He takes over from President Marcos who temporarily headed the Department while scouting for its competent and deserving chief. He finally tapped the former and experienced cabinet official to head the department.

Many sectors support the President’s choice of Panganiban as DA chief. He describes Panganiban as a competent expert in Agriculture who knows the dynamics and concerns of the DA  and the sector it presides over.

Among the problems Panganiban currently faces as DA Secretary are the controversies surrounding the alleged shortage of sugar supply, rampant smuggling of agricultural products and food security which the President’s sister, Senator Imee Marcos describes as fake and contrived problems engineered by certain corrupt government officials.

The President’s relief from the burdens of the DA top post will enable him to address the many other problems and issues the country faces in various spheres.