Why the legal profession is more attractive than the others

By Atty. Frank Lobrigo

A brouhaha ensued over a comment that this country needs more doctors and scientists than lawyers. The comment came on the heels of the release of the results of the Best Bar Ever 2022 that produced 8,000 plus lawyers.

Of all professional qualifying examinations, the Bar exam is the most exciting and celebrated; as exciting is the release of the results. It is most-awaited and really a “grand parade.” Raining on it would indeed be insensitive.

The legal profession is touted as the most noble of them all and it is the only profession in the country regulated by the Supreme Court; so says the Constitution.

Earning an LLB or JD degree is a feat in itself; and joining the roll of attorneys does not come by installments. One has to pass all the subjects in the test and must not have a disqualifying mark of below 50%. But the Bar examinations are not the true test of a lawyer’s mettle. It is often said that the law profession is like wine; it becomes better with age and pricier too.

It is not easy to become a lawyer but it is much easier to earn a law degree than medicine or that of a scientist’s. The latter two require full time studies; not within reach by working students. Law studies can be done together side by side with a day job. Pre-loved law books are easily affordable and within reach by working students unlike expensive medical and scientific books which are mostly imported and by foreign authors.

After passing the bar, the neophyte lawyer can earn his keep just by becoming a notary public. The new doctor would have to undergo specialty and sub-specialty trainings and entail more expenses. The neophyte scientist would have to look for sponsors to finance his scientific works or studies.

Even married individuals can easily earn a law degree with their divided time and needs unlike medicine or research or applied science which demands time and dedication.

When a doctor or a scientist is confronted with a problem, the first person he/she will call is a lawyer.

Salute to the 8,000 plus new lawyers. Prove Shakespeare wrong.

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